Thursday, October 27, 2011

For the Tuesday Afternoon Sewing Guild

On most Tuesdays after school, my niece Rudie comes over and joins Olivia and me for a craft project. We started the tradition after Santa brought Rudie a sewing machine, but we've expanded from sewing into soap-making, candy-making, and other crafts. My aunt got wind of this and said she wanted to send the girls a "few little things" for their crafts. Today, a box arrived. I love that she named our little club and confirmed "Crafts & cooking OK too"!

Inside the box...bittersweet from her yard:

Cotton she picked. I've never seen "real" cotton on the stem. It's surprisingly soft and completely charming.

Feathers from the ducks, geese, birds, and peacocks she volunteers with.

And in case we weren't already Cloud 9 with all these goodies, she's sending us to...

I'm quite sure there's never been a luckier Tuesday Afternoon Sewing Guild. Thank you, Aunt Suzanne!