Sunday, April 26, 2009

I finally built one!

After drooling over the Spring Boden catalog this morning, I was inspired to make my own "Built by Wendy" top. I used the size 10 pattern, expecting it to be large enough to shrink nicely...but it's actually a little tight, even after I narrowed the seams to 3/8 inch. Still I'm quite pleased; it's been years since I've sewn clothing for myself. I figure I can wear it as long as I'm not going out for a big dinner.


Maridith said...

I have just started sewing for myself again as well. Seems I sew for my MIL, son and daughter more then I do myself. This looks great!! Good job!! I really like this pattern. I will need to check out "Built by Wendy"

Elizabeth Larson Photography said...

LOVE it! I want one :-) What a cute top! Will you sew for me to!?!?