Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Generous Craftsman

My parents moved into their dream house just as I was going through a divorce. For my dad, the highlight of his new house was going to be a basement woodworking shop. He generously postponed that dream so that I could move back home (“home” being where my parents were) for several months until I got my life back on track.

Nine years later, the basement I once shared with my three cats looks like this:

Dad creates some stunning furniture and treasures in his shop. Recently he focused on box-making and treated me to this:

Notice the dove-tail joints, felt lining, and secret bottom compartment.

I love it. Thank you, Dad. For all you do.

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My Little Corner said...

Oh wow! That's so touching! What a wonderful dad! You are a fortunate lady!
His craftsman ship is gorgeous.

P.S. I'm sure your mom is equally awesome!