Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Crocheted kaleidoscope

These little potholders have been making me so happy. I bought this pattern last summer and have been carrying a bag of cotton yarn around with me ever since.

Also I've completed three more caps and will finally be shipping them all off to Bean tomorrow.


Celia said...

Thanks so much for the link of the potholders! I love to make some but never get satisfied with the results! They always got twisted!!!!!

Bean said...

thanks again for the beautiful potholder!

the man who took the brown+red hat this afternoon (with temps at 28 and falling!) said THANK YOU AMY and I promised him I'd let you know how thankful he was. The guys are always super-appreciative that the hats I hand out are handmade by someone wishing them well. Thanks again, so much, for helping me remember my dad this way. ((mushy stuff))