Friday, November 18, 2011

The Miracle of the Knitting Loom

I've been knitting. It tickles me to say that, because I'm not a knitter. My Nan taught me how to knit more than once, and I made a scarf a long time ago, but I just never reached the point of being comfortable with it.

Remembering how much I enjoyed spool knitting when I was little (mine was made with an actual spool and nails, but Lion Brand Yarn has an adorable modern version), I asked for a set of knitting looms for my birthday this year. Lo and behold, they're fun! And easy! And addicting! I can't say the same for pom-pom making (seems like they were a whole lot easier to make when I was a kid) but in any event, I've knitted up a scarf and a hat and trimmed them with big, goofy pom poms.

All hail the knitting loom! And, of course, Hank the Kitten. I've noticed a disappointing trend lately of bloggers apologizing for cat photos. As far as I'm concerned, cat photos are like cheese and chocolate--you can never have too much.

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elizabeth larson photography said...

agreed. Never enough cheese, chocolate, or kitties! Happy Thanksgiving! xo