Monday, July 21, 2008


It's not that I'm being unproductive; it's just that I'm busy with top secret Christmas gifts. In lieu of zucchini bread photos, I thought I'd post a few older creations...things I made before I began this blog.

For starters, here's the pink flamingo wall-hanging I made for Elizabeth's birthday last year. Iron-on fusing and machine applique. Fun! I bought the pattern at AQ a couple of years ago.


Mom2fur said...

What a riot. Hey, I'm doing something on my blog where I'm trying to link to blogs in every state. I'm putting your blog on today as one of my "Virginia" entries! I hope you can stop by.

mom2aprincess said...

Oh my! Our oldest son, who is 14, just LOVES flamingoes, and would love this wall hanging! What a riot it is! I love it!
(Got your blog from mom2fur)

Elizabeth Larson Photography said...

a treasured gift which i absolutely love! it now hangs above my bed so i wake to my pink flamingos every morning (and a handful of kitties who want their breakfast @ 5AM!). i should take a photo of it for you and email it to you :-) hope all's well. cheers "Z"