Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Kathy Mack sent me these luscious Pop Garden FQs for being one of the first people to participate in her Pink Chalk Fabrics Pool. (Big thanks, Kathy!!)

Sadly, I'm going to have to remove them from the table so I can focus on the PowerPoint briefing I'm supposed to be writing. They've been noisy this morning: "Grab your scissors! Turn on the sewing machine! You know you want to. We'd make such a lovely pillow...."


PunkiePie said...

What vibrant fabric! I would sooooo bag the presentation and work with the fabric! You have more willpower than I do!

Jen :)

Elizabeth Larson Photography said...

and who's tail is that? looks like one of your kitties didn't want you to work on presentation either! go for it (the fun, creative project no doubt!!) but don't listen to me either, as i am a bad influence..