Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spending too much time on Facebook

Projects I've been dabbling with:

1. Crocheted table runner
2. Crocheted washcloth
3. Embroidered owl towel
4. Embroidered camping towel
5. Snuggie for Karen
6. Pillow for Gina

Projects I've finished and photographed for the blog: none.

How about a kitty picture instead? These are the sweet sisters Sunshine and Violet.


My Little Corner said...

Sometimes it's like that!
Oh well, it's good to take a break.
Love the kittie photo

PunkiePie said...

Facebook is ADDICTING! That's all I have to say about that.

Celia said...

You're right!
The same thing has happened to me.
I ask myself: Is it facebook killing my blog?
Am I a real blogger?
I have to find the answers asap!

Bean said...

what sweet kitties!! I love facebook, too - it's been so much fun! :D

Elizabeth Larson Photography said...

Nice pic Amy, of the girls! Pretty Kitties :-D

And yes, I'll see you on Facebook (I'm also addicted, need I say more?)

Theresa said...

You mean Crackbook? Love the kittie pic!

naida said...

lol i've been spening too much time on facebook too :O)