Monday, February 16, 2009

A snuggle robe, not a Snuggie

My sister-in-law requested a Snuggie for her birthday, so I placed an order and forgot about it. When her birthday rolled around two weeks later and no Snuggie had arrived, I decided that the order must not have gone I bought a fleece blanket at Target and made my own. The result is much thicker than the "real" Snuggie (which of course arrived the day after I started sewing), and I think the zipper makes it more useful.

Here's the birthday girl (headless, per request) modeling the homemade "snuggle robe."


My Little Corner said...

You're so smart!
I bet she'll think of you everytime she wears it! It's like a big hug from you!
Isn't that always the way that stuff arrives in the mail just after your deadline?

Karen said...

This is soooo much better then a Snuggie! Like a cozy bathrobe/blanket combo.