Friday, March 06, 2009

Colors for the Mod Quilt and an Afghan from Mom

I was thinking I'd use all solids for the Mod Sampler quilt, but now that I've photographed them I'm not so sure. I was toying with the idea of orange, red, or pale yellow for the sashing. Now I'm rethinking the entire palette. I have to admit it's a pleasant dilemma....

And I wish I could take credit for this lovely creation, but alas I'm not much of a knitter. My mother, on the other hand, can do it all. When I was little, she sewed clothes for my Barbies and me; knitted and crocheted afghans, hats, and mittens; embroidered at least one glorious picture for the wall; and made various holiday decorations. Then she grew tired of stitching for many years until she was inspired to get her knitting needles out of the attic last month...and promptly whipped up this delightfully soft afghan for Olivia.

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Judy said...

Wow! It's beautiful and will be a treasure for Olivia to curl up in.