Thursday, June 19, 2008


Imagine my surprise, delight, and honor when FedEx brought me a big box containing this!

It's the sewing basket that belonged to my friend Elizabeth's mother, Katie. She made clothes for her daughters when they were little, and she continued to sew, cross-stitch, and create as a grandmother. When Katie passed away last year, Eliz and her sisters gave me the sewing basket she had used all their lives.

The basket holds a smorgasbord of color, with vintage trims, pins, thread, embroidery floss, tools, and a needle booklet just like one my grandmother used to have. It's one of the most wonderful gifts I've ever received.


mandy said...

That's so nice, they knew just who to give it to. I'm sure it's making your creative juices run.

Elizabeth Larson Photography said...

amy, i am so tickled you are enjoying the contents of mother's sewing basket. i know she is smiling down on you :-), as she loved you like a daughter. so having a little something of hers really means so much so us. and we know it would mean a lot to her too... enjoy and much love, elizabeth